Following the False ear crop case against me, here you can read

the full High Court judgement of 15 Pages in our favour at:



Netwerk24   -    12 September 2020



On the 19th of August 2020 - Winning the High Court Case against attorney Mario Coetzee (case nr.: 31884/2018)

regarding the false ear crop case against me - with cost!!!

The Honourable Judge gave a 15 page judgement all in my favour.  Justice at last after a 2,5year ordeal, costing me plenty!


DelPicasso Mojo started his journey to the USA today!


NAPC Working Puppy 2019 - DelPicasso Tonino!!!!

NAPC Reserve Best in Show - DelPicasso Tonino!!!!

We are super happy with these results!

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Winning the Court case!!!

15 August 2019

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