Buyers beware - Just a friendly warning to people worldwide

I was recently scammed by Irina Shibaeva from Bosco Folto Kennels in the Ukraine. When i booked two puppies (Male and female) she promised in writing that i get first option on the males, and 2nd option on the females.  Two months later, without me seeing any puppies from the litter, she sold most of them. Then the pictures arrives of the puppies she want to sell to me, and it was disappointing.  Further she changed the price for shipping the 2 puppies from 1200Usd to 3500usd. She also sold adult dogs and I asked her to rather reserve my deposit of 1300USD towards a 2 yr old female, which she refused.  Needless to say, I lost all money paid.  And she blocked me on Social media.  I was also not the only one that was scammed.  Various other well known breeders accross the world also lost money with the same kennel, during the same time it happened to me.


Imported Neo's in our Kennel:


28. Mega the PHD (USA)

27Maximus Del Rey Arturo (Argentina)

26. Quentina della Grandozza (Hungary)

25. Quaresma della Grandozza (Hungary)

24. Caronte of DelPicasso (Serbia)

23. Britny of DelPicasso (Serbia)

22. Ben of DelPicasso (Serbia)

21. Nirvana della Grandozza (Hungary)

20. Rayvonley Aberto of DelPicasso (UK)

19. Romana Brilliant Slovak-Fles (Slovakia)

18. Csonthazi Boris Ceasar (Hungary)

17. Pecora Nera Donna (Hungary)

16. Iejoor of the Thatchroof (Belgium)

15. Daliah del Gheno (Alaska)

14. Duilio del Gheno  (Italy)

13. Bessi del Gheno (Italy)

12. Fulmine del Gheno (Italy)

11. Giove del Gheno (Italy)

10. Nina del Gheno (Italy)

  9. Questa of the Thatchroof (Belgium)

  8. Xcarita of the Thatchroof (Belgium)

  7. Yacacan of the Thatchroof (Belgium)

  6. Racer del Gheno (Belgium)

  5. Quoia of the Thatchroof (Belgium)

  4. Male pup – Luca Sorbo (Italy)

  3. Mona II – Luca Sorbo (Italy)

  2. Donna – Luca Sorbo (Italy)

  1. Mona – Luca Sorbo (Italy)

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