People always ask me what happened in 2018 - 2020. 

I was everywhere on different newspapers...for a false case.

If you Google us, this matter is floating on top of everything,

so, I decided to dedicate a page for this FALSE case against me as well as the

Final Court Judgement.  (See at the bottom of this page)

If you read the yellow highlighted paragraphs, so will soon see that i was a victom of a personal vendetta

from a man who was not welcome on my farm anymore.

Three months after i ended this relationship, i had a phone call

from my dear friend, Mrs Erasmus.  She

informed me that she received an email indicating that illegal

ear cropping were done at my farm.  As i knew we never

did such things i was not too worried as i thought someone is making an admin error by

pointing fingers to me. A day or 2 later, I had a visit from our local police.  They brought me paperwork

to sign.  I had no clue what actually happened.

To cut the very long story short:

We managed to proof in court that this man was indeed the perpetrator,

whom met 2 of my clients in December 2017

on my farm.  They mentioned ear cropping as i had a dog imported from Argentina (Maximus del Rey Arturo), 

imported from Gabriel Chagas. 

This dog was imported at the age of 5 years and he had cropped ears. The clients asked if ear cropping can still be done - I SAID NO!  Roelf vd Merwe said to the clients he knows a vet that can do it - I said 'DON'T PERSUE THAT

AS IT CAN CAUSE HUGE ISSUES FOR ME AS THE BREEDER!  The 3 men exchanged phone numbers

as they all were into luxury show vehicles - i wasn't bothered by that at all, at that time.

The next week the clients fetched their puppies.  Little did i knew that these clients arranged with 

vd Merwe to get the ears cropped.  Jeanette forwarded the pictures and although i could clearly

see it was two black Neapolitan puppies, nothing else looked familiar.  Pictures were surely not reflecting the 

inside of my Audi Q7 vehicle as accused.  First, i never thought about the

earcrop conversation we had in December, but I realised then by looking at the two pups, it seems to be

the two black pups sold to these men in December.  I called them both (and recorded the calls straight away)

and both acknowledged that it was arranged by vd Merwe.  They paid him, R8000 per puppy 

to get it done.  So we called one of the guys to testify in court.

Needless to say:

The SPCA did not investigate the matter at all!!!

I called the NSPCA advocate and notified her about this false case against me, and her response was

that Mr Andre Kekana the SPCA investigator will not make any mistakes, and the case will proceed!

I worked with the local police to try and get an investigation.  They visited me on the farm,

checked what i had to show to them, and promised to get it investigated -

with no luck - the case carried on in court. 

With every single court date, i was in court together with my attorney, Mr Anton van Staden.

Van der Merwe either never pitched, or he arrived at court with some story to be excused.  Until we 

decided to ask the Magistrate to issue summons, to force him into court.

The day we finally got him inside the court, his own vehicle was also in the Court's parking bay,

so i decided to go and check to see if i can match anything that we saw in the pictures

as i knew the pics were not taken inside my vehicle.  The inside of his vehicle were EXACTLY what we saw

in the pics supplied to the court!!!  How stupid can one be?

Further, after the lunch break, we asked the judge to inspect both my vehicle as his, which he

immediately had an issue with as it is private property and he refuse access.  So, we called one client

in.  This client testified in court exactly what happened.

Unfortunately the state never persued a case of purgury against vd Merwe, and told us we can open

a case ourselves.

This vd Merwe went as far, as to threat my vet, whom i informed of the false case against me.

His police friends from the Villeria police station drove without having Krugersdorp as their jurisdiction

area, to try and get all my vet records.  Off course my vet did not supply any as we knew

our facts.  This vd Merwe tried every way to sue me for anything that he could think off, he lost all

his cases with cost.  Then he appealed, and he lost all his appeal cases also with cost.

Recently the sheriff uplifted his Maseratti, and the vehicle were sold to try and cover some

of my legal costs.

NB - I reported the attorney friend of Roelf vd Merwe as he approached the media with these

false allegations - He, Mr Mario Coetzee was scraped from the role and can not practise as an attorney further.

Vd Merwe's fiance interviewed some newspapers and placed the false case on her Facebook page.

When i asked her to remove it so it can be investigated first, she opened a court case of harrassment

against me, which she obviously lost with cost.  Then she appealed and lost with cost again. 

Until today we do not know who actually did the cropping and my worst fears are that the croppings

were probably done in some backyard.  We manged to get the one dog back, Vianna.  Looking at the

terrible way her ears are looking, it won't surprise me, if some bloke down the street performed these 

procedures.  For me, it was just a huge disappointment that the NSPCA failed these two puppies, they

also failed me as reputable breeder.  

Pictures of Maximus del Rey Arturo, Imported from Gabriel Chagas in Argentina



The Court Judgement!!!





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