+ I see much cheaper puppies advertised elsewhere?

+ Do i need a large property to keep a Neo?

+ Are Neapolitan mastiffs good with children?

+ Do they drool a lot?

+ Do they require a lot of exercise?

+ How much do they eat?

+ Do i need to clean between the wrinkles and folds?

+ When will they be fully matured?

+ How long do they live?

+ I already have other breeds in the home. Can i introduce a Neapolitan?

+ What is the average weight for a Neo?

+ Do they bark a lot?

+ Is there any rescue organization in SA for this breed?

+ Is the Neapolitan an endangered breed?

+ How much grooming does a Neo require?

+ Do they shed hair?

+ My Neo doesn't like travelling in a vehicle

+ My Neo is becoming aggressive towards visitors

+ Will my cats be safe if i get a Neapolitan mastiff?

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